Common Hot Tub Questions

Where should I install my hot tub at?

Each location has its pros and cons. Outside installations may reduce your privacy, but you can add screens, landscaping, or fencing to minimize this. The outside weather can be a deterring factor, although many people absolutely love the experience of lounging in bubbling hot water while a light rain or snowflakes are falling! It can be exhilarating. Awnings can be built to shelter the effects of weather. It should be noted for those of you who have not experienced it, hot water raises your body's core temperature, so you will normally not feel cold even when exiting a hot tub outdoors in the dead of winter. Inside installations will add humidity to the air in your home. It is imperative that proper ventilation be maintained to control this moisture and to prevent mildew and other damage. If you decide on an inside installation, be sure to take into account the draining and filling of the unit. There are two other important questions: will it fit through your doorway, and is your flooring strength adequate? Keep in mind that a typical 3-person spa weighs about 2500 pounds filled with water. On the plus side, you will have privacy and convenience. Your unit and cover will also be fully protected from the weather.

How does an ozonator benefit my hot tub?

The use of an ozonator will cut down the amount of conventional sanitizer needed. The reduction will vary from 25% to 35%, depending on spa usage and amount of run time. These devices use electricity to run, but the amount is really quite minimal.

Which is better for my hot tub: letting the thermostat determine run times, or setting the timer for a specific amount of time each day?

The frequent on and off cycles, which you will have if you allow the thermostat alone to determine the operation of you pump and heater, will shorten the life of your motor. It is usually better to set your timer to run in scheduled cycles. For example: 6 hours per day total, set up for two 3 hour segments, 12 hours apart. Actual total run times depend on your spa manufacturer's recommendations, sanitizing system, and bather load.

Why is my control panel flashing?

Your control panel lights, or "FLO", will flash when there has been a flow disruption. If your filter needs to be cleaned, clean it. Rinse the filter, or replace it if needed, and place it back in the tub. Make sure it is in its correct position. Contact us if problem still persists.

I can hear the motor running, but there is no circulation or heat. What is going on?

First, check your filter. A severely clogged filter can greatly restrict water flow, and with little or no flow, there will be no heat either. Try running the spa with filter out. If water now circulates properly, replace your filter(s). Another frequent cause is an air lock in the pump, especially if you just drained your hot tub. To clear an air lock, first locate and close the valve on the intake side of your pump. Then, on the outflow side of the pump, loosen the pipe union just enough turns to allow the trapped air to escape and fill with water. Retighten union, open intake valve, and run spa to verify correction of the problem. If an air lock or clogged filter proves not to be the culprit, the cause could be blocked plumbing, or a damaged or obstructed impeller blade. Contact our service department for assistance.

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